Tokyo Guide: Kichijoji and Koenji

Remember that many locally owned stores do not open until 11am or noon. Keep your eyes peeled when headed to Kichijoji Station- you should catch a glimpse of Mt Fuji! Kichijoji is saturated with inviting storefronts, mostly containing housewares and tchotchkes. The only ‘bust’ of the area was Bondo. It was cold, uninviting, and cluttered. The few items they had for sale were simple and tasteful, yet overvalued.

Koenji is a vintage clothing paradise. I must disclose that I’m not a fan of clothes shopping. I found most of the vintage clothes to be incredibly overpriced. Additionally, the vast majority were Western labels. I certainly didn’t go all the way to Japan to buy vintage American clothes. There was one notable exception- a secondhand kimono shop called Kirakuya. The owner was fabulous and treated us with such warmth and kindness. It was one of my favorite stops of the whole trip.